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Being honest, we have the answers.

Let’s talk clearly, we cannot always keep up with the rhythm that technology sets, nor do we have to. Our club wants to differentiate the importance from the anecdotal and advance from clarity and personal treatment. Who am I to my mobile? What happens if I lose it? Who teaches me how to manage my passwords, profiles and photos? 

Periodically we will propose a topic on social networks. And every week we will meet to clarify any doubts we have and to propose new topics. This is a club aimed at people with interest, not knowledge.

What is TrueTalk ?

TrueTalk Community is a residential intelligence consultancy.
Residential intelligence is born from the cooperation between new geo-referenced mobile technologies and the inhabiting of a new culture. Techno-wisdom.
Between artificial intelligence and constructive wisdom.

From three force vectors: efficiency, connectivity and mobility that imply a change in the housing culture.


As a consultant, TRUETALK investigates the evolution of technology, analyses the needs of the residential sector and highlights the potential of the place, culture and resources available in each differentiated place. Working closely with the energy, mobility and relational vectors.

TRUETALK’s mission is the transfer of knowledge from Architecture, Construction and sustainability towards a new technological dimension of  housing development.


Given the nature and scale of the spaces under research. From the paradigm of the disruptive moment to which the current socio-environmental crisis brings us.

¿Really, is it actually useful to apply technology to a building?

Yes, sure!:

  • Saves travel time,
  • Save maintenance.
  • Save money from energy consumption and investment in security.
  • Save environmental impact.
  • Improve the adaptation curve in the change of housing.
  • Accelerates the adaptation to the resources of the place.
  • Increase the levels of security and tranquility of the home.
  • Stimulates creativity and the use of housing possibilities.
How does my home benefit from incorporating a TRUETALK Technification project?
  • More time available
  • More tranquility
  • More income
  • Less energy consumption
  • Less unnecessary travel
  • Fewer costs for insurance
  • Less Security Expenses
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