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It will look the same, it will be a better home.
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“Our mission is to make your home your friend, always. Feel it as part of you. “


A report does not build a reality. It analyzes it. That’s why our consultant generates projects.

What is a Technification Project? A comprehensive, complete and coordinated document that improves the interaction, efficiency and tranquility collected by our customers.

The Technification Project is designed incorporate, among other aspects.


Analysis of the current state, surroundings and the digital reality of homeowners


Device proposals

Scenarios, automations


Procurement, installation and budget update


Adaptation guide for owners



The possibility of managing more than one house is an option.

You may have a different holiday home, one as an investment which we rent, you may have obligations to your parents. You want to maintain a connection with your children now that they are away …
That’s why we have @ multigestion, a service that allows you to:

  • Receive information about all the homes you are connected to

  • Manage access and privileges in each of them

  • Take control according to your location in a natural way


The first global device that improves your life.

Data without a fixed contract with a company

Telematic access management

Remote lighting

Wireless mobile device charging

Individual housing management network


Climate control


Peace of mind with movement motion detectors



Uninterrupted energy power supply

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This is just the beginning. There is more to discover. More to connect. More to achieve. Together we can do it.

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EDIF. INSUR: Avda. Diego Martínez Barrio, 10, 2ª planta. iSspaces

We have established our place of operations in one of the most innovative business centers in Seville and Andalusia. Near the Metro, the Tram and with parking. Spacious, bright and modern.

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