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Your home will look the same, it will be better

Intelligent residential consulting

How has evolution benefited our way of life? A balanced combination of wisdom, life & intelligence generates an opportunity. We call this #residentialintelligence

The people first

The transformation of our way of life must be at our service and never the other way around. Our offer is based on total connection with each of its residents and needs.

Speaking clearly: TRUE TALK solutions are # useful, # easy and #personal 

“The concept of living will be reinterpreted, be it in individual or collective homes, permanent or short stay.”

A better life will look the same


Your house will speak in a natural way. Updated of everything that is important to you. Talk to your house through a personalised integrated technology layer, without building work


We see housing as a tool between attracting resources and optimising consumption. Creating a personalised history of your daily habits and offering a simulation of their consequences, enabling you to make easy decisions. Wherever you are in the world.



Mastering the flow of information gives you peace of mind. Your home & personal privacy should always be within the scope confidentiality. TRUETALK safeguards all living space connections, allowing you to decide and grant permission to those you want.



The objective is to condition the space of each person. A pattern of personal preferences, linked to the time and place of the housing. This is not magic. It is science. It’s saving.


Nowadays it is possible to personalise your lighting. TRUETALK has designed an infinite amount of multiple-room combinations, which can be activated from both inside and outside the home. Just by using voice command.


The integration of technology applied to hobbies, activities, housework and health routines. TRUETALK integrates a playful day-to-day way of life.

Home Technology

Enjoy your time, have fun while shoping, improve running costs of your home, be present in the lives of  those you love. Improve your wellbeing & ecology of your home.

In-company consulting

New housing models emerge together with new needs. A home is not a punctual product, it is a permanent service that will improve your client needs as far as they want to reach

Advice to communities

Community management always has its difficulties.

Our solution generates income, improves the use of resources and offers solutions to ease living standards.

If a homeowner’s door can be opened & closed using a mobile… the rest is easy.


TRUETALK’S solutions are aimed at tourism, the short-stay traveller.

While visiting the city, your client is now able to access the hotel room or tourist apartment, adjusting the room temperature and lighting to their specific requirements.

This is a tourist experience expanded in time, space and performance. That is Citieskey

Let´s talk

This is just the beginning. There is more to discover. More to connect. More to achieve. Together we can do it.

You can also make an appointment and meet us personally


Truetalk Co.

Edificio Insur. Avda. Diego Martínez Barrio, 10, 2ª planta. iSspaces

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EDIF. INSUR: Avda. Diego Martínez Barrio, 10, 2ª planta. iSspaces

We have established our place of operations in one of the most innovative business centers in Seville and Andalusia. Near the Metro, the Tram and with parking. Spacious, bright and modern.

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